Our Purpose

Love At First Wink started as a website dedicated solely to marriage equality.  Our first initiative was to continue to increase media exposure with a focus on the importance of the freedom to marry and marriage equality by entering the 2011 Crate & Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest.  Out of 7,500+ entries, we placed 3rd!  Our website and Facebook page both continue to highlight the importance of marriage equality but have evolved to show other aspects of our personal lives as well.  In addition to marriage equality we are also now focusing on starting a family.


We got engaged in October 2010.  Since marriage in California still isn’t legal our plan is to fly to Boston with our families and officially marry there.  But we want marriage equality in California, as well as the rest of the country!  Why should we have to leave the State of California to marry?  It’s where we work, live, and pay taxes!  With this in mind, we set out to find a way we can help continue the fight for marriage equality. Not domestic partnership.  Not civill unions.  Not same-sex marriage.  We want what all Americans want, the right to marry and have it recognized as marriage. That’s marriage equality.

Our first initiative is to continue increasing media exposure with a focus on the importance of the freedom to marry and marriage equality by entering the Crate&Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest. We’ve entered the contest with the following missions:

  1. BulletWinning.  To our knowledge we’d be the first gay couple to win a national contest for a wedding or commitment ceremony. This isn’t just winning, we’d be making history.

Click here to vote.  Make history happen now.

  1. BulletEquality.  Winning could create nationwide media attention about the importance of marriage being between two loving people, not just a man and a woman.  A win for us is a win for the LGBT community.

Click here to vote.  If we win, we all win.

  1. BulletStrength in Numbers.  We know other LGBT couples have entered and we strongly encourage more to do so.  If you’re currently in love, engaged, and of the LGBT community, what are you waiting for?!?

Click here to enter.  Let’s send a message.

(just remember to vote for us!)

“I Do” | Boston, MA

Celebrate! | LA, CA

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